Ukrainian Director Olha Onyshko – (Episode 4)

December 24, 2016

Indie Entertainment Podcast show speaks to Director and Producer Olha Onyshko shares with the audience the real intensity and dedication to what women men can do when unified.   In this powerful documentary we see that women of the Ukraine help lead their country to a better way of life, to not live in fear and to be able to take care of themselves and their families be it the brutal winters or the aggression against them from those in authority.

In late 2013 a specially trained group of soldiers, who themselves were groomed in combating the most dangerous and ruthless offenders, attacked a peaceful student rally, a rally for the acknowledgment of values of humanism and justice within Europe.   The violence committed against these students (comprised mostly of women) is considered to be the worst to date.  This sparked a country-wide reaction with countless protesters descending upon the capital thus resulting in the birth of the Revolution of Dignity. Women lead the movement that ultimately allowed for thousands of people to remain on Madian throughout the intense winters, provide those residents with tools needed for survival through not only the intense weather but also through ruthless attacks by those in authority.  The stance that these women held resulted in the regime to leave and ultimately step down.


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